Q350 : Installing CDEGS on Two Different Computers

I would like to install CDEGS on my laptop, in addition to having it at work. Can I use the same software key on both computers? Are there any possible problems with such an installation?


You can safely install CDEGS on a second computer. There is nothing special to do: simply follow the instructions of the CDEGS Setup program. Just make sure to install the drivers for the software protection keys if you are prompted to do so.

Activation of the protection key is required on first use for each computer on which the software is installed and also whenever the stand-alone key is moved from one computer to another.

The other precaution is to try and synchronize the clocks of the two PC to within a few minutes, otherwise the program may fail to run when you first move the key from one computer to the other. (The program only runs if the current time is greater than the last time the program was run).

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