Q12565 : Improving the computation time in Right-of-Way

How to improve the computation time in Right-of-Way?

You probably have noticed that it can take many hours to create an original right-of-way network configuration (i.e., SPLITS file) for a complicated right-of-way network. Generally speaking, the number of conductors and the separation distances between the conductors are two major factors in determining the computation time. When the separation distance between two conductors (e.g., a transmission line and a pipeline) is very large (e.g., greater than 1000 m), the coupling between them will be very small, so that it can be ignored in many cases. Therefore, for large separation distances, one can initially model small distances (e.g., 1–10 m or ft) in the Right-of-Way network configuration definition and creation of the original network circuit model (i.e., SPLITS file), then remove the mutual coupling between transmission line and pipeline using the Modify Network (i.e., Preprocess) module of Right-of-Way. This would improve the computation time greatly.

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