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SESShield-2D is the latest software package to be added to the SES suite of software. It is a fully integrated Risk and 2D-Shielding Analysis package that replaces and expands upon the existing SESShield tool, which is still accessible as a legacy tool.

One of the main capabilities of SESShield-2D is to assess risks associated with lightning strikes to structures and to the services entering those structures. It can tackle risk assessments of structures located in multiple risk zones. It provides a qualitative and quantitative assessment of risk of loss pertaining to structures in accordance with IEC 62305-2. In addition, it includes the same Transmission Line and Substation 2D-Shielding functionalities that are available in SESShield for designing shielding systems for simple substation and transmission line 2D geometries. To model arbitrary complex 3D systems and design their lightning shielding systems, the ideal software package is SESShield-3D.

The main purpose of the risk assessment module is to provide a formal assessment of the risk of different types of loss pertaining to vulnerable structures. These risks include damage to the structure itself, to its components and contents, and may also extend to the surroundings of the structure or even involve the local environment. This type of analysis contributes to the selection of appropriate protection measures for reducing lightning-associated risks to a tolerable level.

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SESShield is still available as a Legacy Tool, but its Transmission Line and Substation functionalities are already part of this version of SESShield-2D.

Intuitive User Interface

The characteristics of each structure to be analyzed are specified within the user interface, which is also used to split projects into multiple zones and to indicate the services connected to each zone. Computation results are provided in a separate panel, with color-coded plots for easy determination of whether a Calculated Risk for a given risk component is tolerable.

Risk Analysis Functionalities

  • Division of structures into multiple zones, assessed individually
  • Consideration of multiple connected services (e.g. power and telecommunication lines)
  • Selection of Risk Components
  • Ground Flash Density (GFD) value can be refined according to regional Keraunic Level
  • Rapid identification of specific risks that require attention
  • Generation of detailed reports

Lightning Shielding Protection of Substations and Transmission Lines

SESShield-2D offers simplified solutions for determining optimized lightning shielding systems for substations and transmission lines. The substation and transmission line shielding analyses are based on the electrogeometric Rolling Sphere concept and method described in the IEEE 998, IEEE 1243 and IEC 62305 standards. It enables the user to optimize the location and configuration of shield wires and masts in order to prevent the exposure of energized conductors, busses and equipment to direct lightning strikes.

SESShield-2D is particularly suited to shielding substations made up of parallel bays, regardless of whether such systems include masts with shield wires, or only masts.

It also explores two lightning protection failure mechanisms associated with transmission lines:

  • Back Flashover : It calculates the probability that a flashover will occur across the line insulators due to a lightning strike to transmission line structures or to the shield wires connected to those structures.
  • Shielding Failure Flashover : It also calculates the critical stroke current (Ic) for any transmission line configuration, the unprotected widths of phase conductors with the greatest exposure to a lightning strike, the location and shielding angles of shield wires for the optimal protection of each exposed phase, and ultimately the Shielding Failure Flashover Rate of the transmission line.

Lightning Shielding Protection for Complex 3D Environments

The SESShield-2D application is the ideal software tool to conduct risk assessments in accordance with procedures described in IEC 62305-2 and to carry out simple 2D Transmission Line and Substation lightning shielding protection. It is not, however, adequate to conduct lightning shielding protection studies for complex 3D environments. Use the SESShield-3D software package to model arbitrary complex 3D systems, to design their lightning shielding systems using industry-accepted methods, and to do shielding failure analyses.

SESShield Pro

SESShield Pro is a software package that includes both SESShield-2D and SESShield-3D, and thus is the optimal solution for risk assessments and for analyzing and designing lightning shielding systems.