GrSPLITS-3D is an integrated input and output processor specifically designed to visualize interactively in 3D the circuit model defined in Right-of-Way Pro (ROW) and MultiLines software packages that use the SPLITS and FCDIST computation modules. GrSPLITS-3D has similar functionalities as GRSplits, which displays input and computation results as static images, but offers full interactive 3D display capabilities.

More specifically, it offers the ability to plot circuit models, and allows direct interaction with any displayed component. Its 3D engine offers navigation and filtering tools that make circuit visualization and validation an easy task, even for the largest systems.

Intuitive and Visual Data Interaction

GrSPLITS-3D offers several display features and filtering tools that bring circuit inspection to another level not available in other 2D circuit plot rendering software packages.

Display Filtering

GrSPLITS-3D offers a wide range of features that control the type of display on the screen.

The Display Selection panel lets you control which Terminals, which Sections, and even which Busses (Lines) should be displayed allowing you to quickly focus on a given area of the circuit that requires a deeper analysis. Many visual cues are present in the drawn circuit to remind the user that only specific areas are currently displayed.

You can also use the Display Options panel to filter the 3D scene output. This panel offers many settings that control what will be displayed and how.

From this panel, you can decide to display the associated computation results of your circuit, the tooltips when moving in the 3D scene, dynamic text that display the value of each 3D component that are displayed and many more items.

Helpful and concise tooltips appear directly on the circuit viewer showing a summary of relevant circuit parameters.

Both the colors and the applicable ranges for the Impedance, Voltage, and Current color legends are fully customizable.

GrSPLITS-3D also can load multiple projects simultaneously.

Results Display

Computation results for section and shunt currents as well as shunt potentials are shown directly on the viewer.

Transformer and other Devices

The capabilities of GrSPLITS-3D were expanded to support the recent development in SPLITS and FCDIST computation modules, which now allows multiple transformers in a single file and variation of the line parameters in a single terminal, respectively.

In the case of a SPLITS file with multiple transformers, each transformer placed along a terminal will be displayed as long as they are not specified in successive sections, which is a SPLITS requirement anyway.

When multiple transformers are specified at the central site, only one will be shown on the viewer to maintain clarity. The displayed transformer can be selected using the Displayed transformer at central site dropdown menu, the transformer present at the central site will be updated upon redraw.