SES Graphics, Report and Text Viewer

GraRep is one of SES’s graphic utilities for displaying and printing graphics, reports, or text files from existing files or received from SESResultsViewer or the Output Toolbox.

GraRep allows you to zoom in on a selected portion of a picture, scale a picture up or down, view multiple pictures simultaneously, customize the printing of plots, and view and print reports, messages and text. GraRep is used internally by SESResultsViewer or the Output Toolbox, among other SES software, to display computation results graphically or in report form. The program can also be used in "standalone" mode, i.e., it can be started as a Windows executable, independently of the Output Toolbox.


GraRep’s interface is divided into three tabs to classify its three purposes: View Plots, View Reports and View Messages.

View Plots Tab

The View Plots tab is separated into two major areas: the main viewing area, and the Picture Button queue at the right edge of the window.

When a picture is first loaded, it is displayed in the main viewing area and a Picture Button showing a thumbnail version of the picture is created and added to the queue. Pictures can be deleted, saved or copied at any time. Furthermore, pictures can be moved, scaled or zoomed using simple mouse movements and clicks.

In the View Plots Tab, you can display various plots produced by the software packages such as 2D Spot plots that provide color coded results to quickly and clearly detect areas of concern for Touch Voltage, Step Voltage, Soil GPR, Magnetic Field, etc. Colors in the display are defined by the user, with no color shown for values below the user-defined threshold.

These same quantities can be represented as 3D surfaces or as contour plots that display user-defined boundaries, ideal for determining, for example, the Zone of Influence.

Results of currents, GPR, etc. for individual conductors displayed on the conductor network, either with text, color or both, for multiple representations of a quantity: magnitude and angle, or real part and imaginary part.

Standard 2D plots for multiple profiles or phases are plotted simultaneously.

View Reports and View Messages Tabs

Text reports are displayed in the View Reports tab. The text can be highlighted and copied to the clipboard for use elsewhere, or saved as a PDF.

When a file is open in the View Report tab, its content either replaces what was displayed in the viewer or appends to it after inserting a "Report #" tag. Various types of reports are available, from detailed conductor currents for each conductor segment in a large network, to a succinct summary of key results.

The View Messages tab lists the plot commands being executed and displays any relevant error messages.