A software tool that extracts data directly from the frequency to time domain conversion software database files and displays it in various graphical forms, including 2D and 3D animations.

FFT21Data is a utility that extracts data directly from FFTSES database files and exports it in a spreadsheet-compatible format. It can also display this data in graphical form, and create animation plots of the data.

FFT21Data extracts (or displays) the data as a function of space (i.e., point number, profile number or conductor segment number). The data can be examined at a specified instant in time; alternatively, the maximum (minimum) value that the data takes at all times can be examined. This functionality complements what is already available in SES software.

By combining plots taken at several instants of time, the utility can also display animated 2D and 3D plots, showing the time evolution of the computation results, as a function of time, along a specified range of computation points or conductor segments.

Soil Potentials at 2.9 µS.

GPR along the Conductors at 0.12 µS.