Conductor Cross-Section Creator

SESCrossSection lets you specify complex cross-sections of conductors along with their characteristics and convert the specified information to an appropriate input suitable to a vast selection of SES software tools and computation modules. It offers full flexibility to model buried or aboveground systems such as:

  • Coated pipelines
  • Concentric cables, with multiple core, sheath, armor or insulation layers
  • Bundled conductors
  • Cable duct banks
  • Multi-circuits transmission lines
  • Pipe-type cables
  • Stranded conductors
  • Multilayer conductors

One Tool, Many Applications

SESCrossSection is used to prepare cross sections compatible with:

A Fully Integrated Tool

SESCrossSection is integrated into each application requiring cross-section specifications, which means the same familiar interface is available to users, whether for preparing a buried cable route for ROWCAD or to model an overhead transmission line to compute its line parameters in TRALIN. Moreover, SESCrossSection is fully linked to our SESLibrary utility, which provides access to more than 2300 ready-to-use conductor and cable types.

Flexible Input

The data provided by conductors’ datasheets is not always complete or presented in the same format. SESCrossSection readily accepts resistance specification in either relative resistivity (relative to annealed copper), AC resistance or DC resistance. Similarly, reactance can be entered as relative permeability (relative to free space), geometric mean radius (GMR) or reactance at a one-foot distance, i.e. X (1ft).


Powerful functions are available to automate many repetitive operations.