Q213 : List of files to keep in order to regenerate CDEGS plots.

After a series of CDEGS runs, which files should be kept in order to be able to regenerate the plots and reports without re-running the engineering software?

The computation databases for all programs should always be kept. These files have an "F21" or an "X21" extension; therefore all files located in your Working Directory and having "F21" or "X21" as an extension should be kept. Further, if you intend to produce plots for MALT, MALZ or HIFREQ and have used either FCDIST or SPLITS to compute the fault current distribution, then you should also keep the share file corresponding to your JobID and Working Directory. The name of this file is "SF_JobID.f11", and it is located in your Working Directory. This file contains information about the fault current and allows Output Toolbox to scale the results obtained with MALT, MALZ and HIFREQ in order to account for the correct fault current.

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