Q280 : Computing Magnetic Fields Around Buried Cables

How can I compute the magnetic fields around buried cables with the CDEGS package.

One approach is to build a TRALIN / SPLITS model to figure out the current flowing in the cable. The net current flowing in the cable should then be used as energization in a simple HIFREQ model for the cable.

If you are only interested in magnetic fields around the cable, the HIFREQ model can be as simple as a single solid conductor with a diameter equal to that of the cable. Otherwise, you could model the cable as a core conductor surrounded with a few conductors to represent the sheath. The current flowing in the sheath as computed with SPLITS could then be distributed evenly amongst the conductors modelling the sheath.

Note that when the end of a conductor is not energized in HIFREQ, the current is assumed to be zero at that point. Therefore, you may need to collect the injected current at the other end of the cable model in HIFREQ.

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