Q318 : Identifying Curves in FFTSES Plots

In FFTSES 2D plots, how can I identify which curve corresponds to which profile?


When plotting several points simultaneously in FFTSES, the curve identified as #1 in the legend corresponds to the first point of the first profile that was specified on input, the curve identified as #2 corresponds to the second point of the first profile specified on input etc... For example, if you request a plot for Profiles 2 to 3 and Points 4 to 5, there would be four curves generated as follows:

Curve 1: Profile = 2, Point = 4
Curve 2: Profile = 2, Point = 5
Curve 3: Profile = 3, Point = 4
Curve 4: Profile = 3, Point = 5

This information is currently not provided in the legend of the plot.

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