Q276 : Setting the Maximum Number of Busses in SPLITS

How can I set the limit on the maximum number of busses in SPLITS? I have tried specifying a value in the "Advanced" screen of Toolbox for Splits, but it doesn't seem to work.

The UPPER-LIMIT that you can define in the Advanced screen in SPLITS controls the maximum number of sections and busses that the engineering program will allow. It does not control the maximum number of busses or sections that can be loaded in the SPLITS system screen of Input Toolbox. This is controlled from the Input Toolbox SETUP screen which is accessible from the Setup button on the Input Toolbox screen (the one listing all the program names). In this Setup screen, select the PROGRAM tab, then the SPLITS tab; the limits for all the important quantities can be set in the input fields of that window. Click on Save, then Close to confirm your changes. The changes should take effect immediately.

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