Q285 : Increasing the Grid Limits in Input Toolbox

How can I increase the limit size of the data entry grids in Input Toolbox? In particular, how can I enter more DATA-POINTS in FFTSES?


As for many limits in Input Toolbox, the limit of 100 on the number of data points in FFTSES can be increased by using the Input Toolbox "Setup". To do this:

  1. Start Input Toolbox and click on Setup.
  2. Go to the Programs tab, then to the FFTSES tab.
  3. You can set the desired number of data points in that screen. Then, click on Save, then Close.

You should then be able to load the desired number of points in FFTSES the next time you start the program.

This number is kept small by default because a larger number causes the Input Toolbox for FFTSES to become noticeably slower.

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