Q351 : Assigning a Radius to Conductors Imported from a DXF File

How can I assign a radius to conductors that are imported from a DXF (CAD) file?

When you import a DXF file, you can go to the Color/Radius Map screen to associate different radii with different color codes. The moment you click OK in that screen, a file having the same name as the DXF file you are importing, but a different extension (namely "DEF") is created. This file contains the Color/Radius mapping information, and is going to be used by default whenever importing that particular DXF file. If you try and import the DXF file again, the data from the file will be displayed in the "Color/Radius Map" screen.

If you want this same mapping information to be used when importing other DXF files, you should copy the DEF file created above to the folder containing the DXF file to import, and rename it to the same name as the DXF file except for the DEF extension.

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