Q220 : Error Message when Using GPR Energization

While running HIFREQ, I obtained the following error message:

* ERROR * Conductors that are subject to a GPR energization must have a pseudo-node at their origin.
Check segment number 3, original conductor 3.

What does it mean?

A pseudo-node in HIFREQ is a conductor node (termination) that is not attached to any other conductor in the network. The above error message expresses a restriction in HIFREQ regarding the GPR energizations, namely that the origin of the energized segment must be a pseudo-node. The origin of a conductor in HIFREQ is defined as the first triplet of numbers (X, Y, and Z) in the corresponding CONDUCTOR command (as defined in the System screen), the end of the conductor being defined as the second triplet of numbers.

The message indicates that the origin of the GPR-energized segment 3 is in contact with another conductor; you should break that connection and make sure that the origin of segment 3 is floating.

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