Q12567 : Using Monitor Fault module for a system without neutral wires

How to use the Monitor Fault module for a system without neutral wires?

The Monitor Fault module of Right-of-Way is designed to model faults automatically at specified intervals along the right-of-way. For a system without neutral wires, single phase-to-ground faults represent the scenario in which a phase conductor arcs to or contacts a supporting structure or falls to the earth. In such a case, the reference phase would be the earth, not a physical wire. To simulate such scenarios, an artificial phase needs to be added in the Right-of-Way network. Make sure that this artificial phase has a very large series impedance (e.g., 999999 + 999999j) and a representative shunt impedance (e.g., 10 ohms for a structure ground) for each section. This can be done either in the Network definition or in the Modify Network (i.e., Preprocess) module. After the final network configuration (SPLITS file) has been fixed as above, the Monitor Fault module can be used as usual. In this case, the artificial phase is treated as the Reference phase when defining the faults.

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