Q12568 : Modeling a moving train in Right-of-Way

How to model a moving train in Right-of-Way?


Under certain conditions (staggered insulated joints, damaged insulated joints, etc.), rail GPR and rail-to-rail voltages can vary considerably as a function of train location. If the worst train location is obvious in a study, then

  • Connect the two rail phases with a very low impedance for the section in which the train is located;
  • Run the corresponding SPLITS simulation.

The worst rail GPR and rail-to-rail voltage are then obtained. However, if the worst train location is unknown, a moving train should be simulated (a train can appear at any location). This can be done using the “Monitor Fault” option:

  • Select one of the rails to be the faulted phase;
  • Select the other rail to be the reference phase;
  • Define the fault location along the right-of-way at desired steps (intervals);
  • Run Monitor Fault.

The final envelopes (maximum rail GPR and rail-to-rail voltages) are then extracted and the worst train location is identified.

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