Q12574 : The required capacity of the storage array (1213201) exceeds available storage capacity (900001) (when running the SPLITS module).

I have built my right-of-way model and am attempting to process the network. I seem to have exceeded the limits of ROW: I am warned that the required capacity of the storage array (1213201) exceeds available storage capacity (900001) (when running the SPLITS module). Could you please explain how these storage arrays are made up and how I can reduce mine to 900001?


First of all, the new release (Version 11) has increased the SPLITS capacity to 20,000,000. This limit can be reached when a large number of phases and sections are needed in modeling a complex right-of-way network.

If you still need to reduce the storage array size, you must either decrease the number of phases or the number of sections or both. Obviously, the number of phases (lines) cannot be reduced easily, since usually all the lines have to be considered. The total number of sections, however, can usually be reduced in a few ways:

  1. It is not necessary to start a new region whenever a transmission line changes direction, although it is recommended in the Right-of-Way How To… manual.

  2. Since magnetic field induction is less sensitive to soil resistivity, one can combine several soil models into one – by considering the bottom layer, if the measured soils do not change dramatically (e.g., take the average bottom soil resistivity).

  3. The most efficient way to reduce the number of the sections is having long section lengths. For example, it is customary to use the transmission span length as the section length (e.g. 200 m). However, one can use double (i.e., 400 m) or triple (i.e., 600 m) the span length as the section length, so that the section numbers are reduced by half or one third! Please note that the section shunt impedances of the sky wire should be reduced to one half (for two towers) or one third (for three towers) of the value of a single ground, accordingly.

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