Q267 : Transferring Data Between MALT, MALZ and HIFREQ

Is it possible to use a MALT input file as an input file for MALZ or HIFREQ?

It is not possible to use a MALT input file directly as an input file for the MALZ engineering program. You can convert a MALT file to the MALZ format using SESCAD. To do this, load the MALT file in SESCAD, then save it as a MALZ file. SESCAD recognizes the type of file from its name, so use mz_jobid.f05 as a filename. Note, however, that some features of the input file will be lost since not all features of MALT are supported in MALZ.

You can also import the MALT conductor data into MALZ by using the Import feature on the SYSTEM screen in MALZ Input Toolbox.

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