Q332 : Controlling Printing in GraRep

How can I print the plots shown in the GraRep program?

There are several methods you can use to control the printing in the GraRep utility; most of them are regrouped under the File menu.

You can use File | Print Setup to select the printer. Normally, the program uses the default printer defined in the Printers folder in Windows' Control Panel, but you can use this function to override this choice. Once you select a printer in GraRep, the program will use it for the duration of the current session; once the program is restarted, it will revert to using the Windows default.

Once the printer is selected, you can use File | Page Setup to control some properties of the printing such as the size margins. You can also use File | Print Preview to preview the effects of the settings and to fine-tune them further. Finally, you can use Options | Printing Options to control what is printed on the plot or report.

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