Q256 : Recovering from errors when generating FFTSES databases

I am having problems when creating the FFTSES databases in Input Toolbox: the data doesn't appear to correspond to what was computed in HIFREQ! What can I do.

This problem can occur sometimes when some temporary files are not deleted from the CDEGS directory. This could happen as a result of a crash. You should check your CDEGS directory for the existence of files with a DBS extension. More specifically, look for the files PLODBS.DBS, UDBS.DBS, HDBS.DBS, EDBS.DBS, CTRLSEG.DBS, and CTRLPRF.DBS. Delete all of those files. Be careful NOT to delete the files FILCOFE1.DBS and FILCOFE2.DBS: these files are required by the RESAP program. After deleting those files, try importing the results into FFTSES using the 'Database Management' feature of Input Toolbox.

If the above fails for any reason, try and delete all files with a F8* extension from your working directory (i.e. *.F80, *.F81, *.F82, *.F83, *.F84, *.F85) and try again.

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