Q247 : Usage of Muliple Processors in CDEGS

Does the CDEGS software make use of dual CPU capabilities for better speed performance?

The programs of the CDEGS suite do not presently directly take advantage of multi-processor architectures. In some cases, Windows automatically uses the different processors for different tasks (such as computations per se and file activity) that don't interfere much with one another, so this can results in some improvement. However, the latest tests that we carried out didn't show much speed improvement. On the other hand, a dual processor system would normally be much more responsive and allow you to do multi-tasking much more easily (with the CDEGS program tying up one processor, and the other one available for other applications.) If you often find yourself in situations where you have a lengthy CDEGS run and you need to use your computer for other computationally intensive tasks, then a multi-processor configuration would definitely help.

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