Q367 : Unable to Plot in FFTSES

When I execute FFTSES, I get the following error message:

Difficulties encountered when attempting to plot Inverse FFT results. Details follow.
Plot requested:

No data found

What is happening?

There are two possibilities leading to this problem:

1. The scalar potential was not requested in the HIFREQ file. This is unlikely, since the scalar potential is selected by default. To verify that the scalar potential computations are correctly requested:
- Load your HIFREQ file in Input Toolbox
- Click on Computations. The "Scalar Potentials" option should be checked in the Compute frame.

2. The scalar potential wasn't extracted in the database operation in FFTSES. To make sure that the scalar potential is properly extracted:
- Load your FFTSES file in Input Toolbox
- Click on Computations, and select "Inverse-FFT" under Computation-Type.
- Select "Extract From database", then click on Database Management.
- In the resulting screen, make sure that the "Scalar Potential" option is selected in the Desired Computation Results frame. Also, make sure that the "Potential" option is selected in the drop-down menu.
- Add all the necessary HIFREQ databases to the list, and click on Create New Databases.

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