Q245 : Printing Tabular Data In Input Toolbox

How can I print the data that appears in the Network grid in the System screen in Input Toolbox?


The F05 file that is created by Input Toolbox for MALT and by SESCAD are comma-delimited text files that can be easily read, modified, or printed. The grid data is defined by the CONDUCTOR commands in that file.

One problem with those files is that the data is not aligned. At the present time, our programs do not print or save the data using alignment fields such as tabs. An alternative to using the F05 files is to select the data in the data-entry grid in Input Toolbox (or graphically in SESCAD), copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into a spreadsheet editor such as Excel. You could then use this program printing facilities to get a tabular printout of the data.

Either way, the conductor data will be in the form:

XStart, YStart, ZStart, XEnd, YEnd, ZEnd, Radius, NumberOfSegments

If you choose this last approach while using SESCAD, the first row of the data should be ignored, as well as the last four columns of every data line.

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