Q243 : Two Current Density Calculation Reports in MALT Output File.

I made a MALT model with a main and a return electrode. In the program's output file, I found that there are two leakage current density calculation reports. The two reports are different from each other. Which one is the correct leakage current report?

There are two leakage current density calculation reports in the MALT F09 file because there are two structures (the MAIN and the RETURN electrodes) in the MALT input file. The leakage current density calculation reports is given separately for both electrodes. Both results are correct; they just represent two physically distinct things.

It is possible, however, that you also see two different current density calculation reports for the MAIN grid. This can happen with older input files, and is due to a different computation approach that was used in the past. In this case, the first current density calculation report gives the leakage current in the main grid computed by taking into account the presence of the return electrode. The second report is the leakage current computed without a return electrode. The first one is, therefore, the correct current distribution.

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