Q112 : My KEYSET Password does not work. Why?

My KEYSET Password does not work. Why?

There are three possible reasons why the KEYSET password does not work.

(1) The password was typed in lowercase letters
- The password must be entered in uppercase letters for it to be understood. Typing the exact same password in lowercase will generate an "Invalid Password" message.

(2) The password is a temporary one and it is being used more than once.
- There are two types of passwords; temporary and permanent. The permanent passwords can be used over and over again to reset the key. The temporary ones, on the other hand, are designed to be entered only once. What this means is that once the program has accepted the temporary password, re-trying this same password will generate a "Invalid Password" message.

(3) The wrong password is being used with the wrong key.
- The passwords that are generated and distributed are unique. A password for one key cannot be used on another key. This problem is often seen at sites where multiple keys are are purchased and a mixup of keys/passwords has occured. Make sure that the password belongs to the key.

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