Q108 : Why the software protection driver won't install on NT-based machines (NT4, 2000, XP).

Trying to install CDEGS on Windows 2000 machine. Why can't I install the software protection driver on my machine ?

The Windows NT operating system is more restrictive than other Windows operating systems in what can and cannot be done. The CDEGS package uses a protection key that plugs into the parallel port of the PC. The program requires a driver for communication to function between the software and the key. This driver, once installed, becomes part of the operating system.

Since this is such a low level function, it requires what is called "administrative privileges". This essentially means that an administrator must either install the driver or at least give the authorization, or privilege, to install it.

When this driver is installed, which is only required once, then installation of the CDEGS software can be done using standard user privileges.

Failure to install this driver will stop the CDEGS package from functioning.

This problem does not exist on Windows 95/98/Me.

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