Q12589 : How do I install a network key?


How do I install a network key?


Select any PC on the network, connect a NetHASP key, and install the NetHASP License Manager (LM). We recommend you choose a network server, since this is less frequently rebooted, but any PC works just as well.

  1. To install the NetHASP License Manager (LM), run the setup file lmsetup.exe from the "Tools\NetHASP\Server\win32" folder in the SES Software CD.
  2. For client machines, run SESNetKey utility from the "Start | All Programs | SES Software | System" menu to configure the server IP address.


  1. The NetHASP License manager uses TCP and UDP ports 475 for communications - so please ensure that these ports are open or that the program itself is allowed through the firewall.

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