Q12588 : How do I install a local (stand-alone) key?

How do I install a local (stand-alone) key?


Starting at version 14.0.380, the software installation program Setup.exe installs the local key automatically.

For previous versions (before 14.0.380), please use SESKeyInst to setup your local (stand-alone) protection key.

  1. To open SES Protection Key Installer, click Start, point to All Programs, point to SES Software, point to System, and then click SESKeyInst.
  2. If the program is unable to find the installation CD, you will be asked to enter or browse to the correct path.
  3. You will be asked to select the type of software protection key you will be using. Select the appropriate key and click the Next button to install.
  4. Physically connect the software protection key to your computer, then click the Next button, and follow the instructions in the wizard.


  1. Make sure to select the right type of key when using SESKeyInst. The name of the key is printed on it. If you are not sure, then please consult the images below:

     (Scribe Key) (Hasp Key)

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