• CDEGS Release 16.0
    CDEGS New Release Is Ready Now.
  • World Leader in Grounding / Earthing, Lightning and Electromagnetic Interference
  • CDEGS is your ultimate package for Classical Grounding Problems.
  • CDEGS is your most accurate package for Extended Grounding Problems.
  • CDEGS is your most complete package for Interference Problems.
  • CDEGS is your “All in One” package for Lightning and Shielding Problems.


SES is your single source solution provider for all your grounding / earthing, lightning, electromagnetic interference and EMC analysis and mitigation problems.

Products and Services

Scientific Analysis Software

A Powerful set of integrated scientific software tools

Leading-Edge Applied R&D Engineering Consulting

SES specializes in solving highly complex industry problems

Advanced Analytical R&D and Technical Consulting

SES’ Qualified team of experts are ready to carry out advanced and challenging scientific and technical R&D activities

Technical Support

SES is our single support provider

Technical Training

Let SES’ experts provide scientific training for you and your staff

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