Venues - Standard Training Courses


Future schedule to be determined

Standard Technical Seminar (with Optional Level 1 Certification)

A webinar version of the Standard Technical Seminar, comprised of 8 sessions over a two-week period.

In-Person Training

In anticipation of policies related to gatherings and cross-border travel progressing toward normalcy, in-person technical training is expected to resume in 2022.

Summer 2022

Montreal, Quebec (Hotel Bonaventure)
Standard Technical Seminar (with Optional Level 1 Certification)

A Standard Technical Seminar will take place in 2022, from September 12 - 16, in downtown Montreal*.

2023 - Future schedule to be determined

Laval, Canada (SES Training Center)
Level 2 Certification (Advanced) – Combined EMI and Grounding

A Level 2 Certification course will be scheduled to take place at the SES Training Center in 2023. We are tentatively planning for April 2023, but the exact dates are to be determined.

The table below includes a summary of the 2022 training schedule.

English Montreal, Canada
(Hotel Bonaventure)
Sept 12 - 16
CAD 3,800 1
To be determined
CAD 3,600
English Laval, Canada
(SES Training Center)
To be determined
CAD 5,950

1 includes a light breakfast, lunch, and break refreshments.

* Participants in the Standard Technical Seminar typically bring their own laptops, but laptops can be rented from SES for CAD 350. Lunch and refreshments are provided. Preferential group room rates are available at the Hotel Bonaventure.

Prices shown above do not include applicable taxes.