SES Software 16.2
Update Version 16.2.9125

Safe Engineering Services & technologies ltd
December 2019

This distribution of SES Software 16.2 is a full installation of the software. It includes updates up to version 16.2.9125. Please see the download and installation instructions below for further details.

Download Instructions

All the executable programs and related utilities and tools are contained in a single installation package. The documentation packages (How-to Manuals and Video Tutorials) are available separately, one for each supported language. The software package and the relevant documentation package should be downloaded individually before starting the installation of the software package.

SES Software Package
Package filename SES162.exe
Size 1.74 GB
Date December 2019
SHA-1 b072fb1b09a89446a33a70568ea94d8d8e37d89e
MD5 a45ef892916fe924af81f64d399e9c99
English documentation
Package filename 162LNGPK[en].exe
Size 1.72 GB
Date December 2019
SHA-1 83c8005658f9df5b9c8e9e55c47644a4d93ca0ff
MD5 8c09d9ba4996c06c1e2eb0fe2e99aa0d

English and Spanish documentation
Package filename 162LNGPK[es].exe
Size 1.81 GB
Date December 2019
SHA-1 b68f057c25e92b5f4cf43a01d55b340eeab72ff4
MD5 b6151055762926d865aa58e83a968ec9

English and French documentation
Package filename 162LNGPK[fr].exe
Size 1.86 GB
Date December 2019
SHA-1 7d57cd0e9baa81907172826535745f4e7070ff87
MD5 17e20c56e12123cdaf9ba805890972a3

English and Chinese documentation
Package filename 162LNGPK[zh].exe
Size 2.68 GB
Date December 2019
SHA-1 801113e09c36b7c02d3fafecc4a886b4b2109da7
MD5 364409f90cdee8f346c3cdc73a7e83b7

  1. Log in on the Software Updates webpage.
  2. Download the software package to a folder of your choice, for example, “C:\Users\Public\Downloads”.
  3. Download the relevant documentation package to the same location where the software package was downloaded.
It is not necessary to verify the file checksums of the package since both the extraction and installation phases perform integrity checks internally. However, if you feel the need to do so, then you may verify them with the hash values, provided for the package above, using any of the freely available SHA-1-/MD5-capable utilities (e.g., FCIV, Sigcheck, etc.) on the Internet.

Installation Instructions

Prior to installing SES Software, the distribution files in the package must first be extracted. The installation of the software will begin automatically once the files have been extracted from the software package and the relevant documentation package.

Before attempting to execute the steps below, please make sure that you have full administrative privileges.

If you are using Windows 8.0, it is important to update to Windows 8.1. Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.2 is not supported on Windows 8.0 . Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems are not affected.
  1. In Windows File Explorer, browse to the folder you selected for the downloading of the package.
  2. Start the SES Software installation package, SES162.exe. A wizard will be shown with a default location to where the extraction of the software package and the relevant documentation package will occur. It is recommended to use this default location for the extraction. Click on the Next button to begin the extraction process.
    The software package will automatically extract the distribution files from the package to the chosen extraction path. The same will occur for the relevant documentation package. The software installation program, Setup.exe , will then be automatically started from the extracted location.
  3. Proceed with the installation dialogs of SES Software; the installer will install the following items:
    • The prerequisites (if any are required to be installed).
    • All SES Software programs.
    • The driver for the HASP dongle if the Use Personal License option is chosen. For the Use Network License option, refer to the distribution document, “NetInstall.pdf”, under the PDF subfolder of the distribution.

Release Notes

Please see the release notes for details on the new features and improvements in SES Software 16.2. You may refer to the known issues document for possible workarounds of some of the issues that were discovered in this release. For details on the installation and accessing the distribution documents, you may reference either our online Readme page or the Readme document that is available in the distribution.


This package has been verified with professional antivirus software suites (Norton, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Sophos). However, in the event you receive an alert from your antivirus program indicating that the package may be infected, it is highly probable that this is a false positive. If this occurs, you may temporarily disable your antivirus program to proceed with the installation process.