Q12566 : Modeling a dummy conductor but not a dummy phase

How to model a dummy conductor in Right-of-Way?

As we know, one can easily define a phase to be dummy in Right-of-Way (either in defining Attribute Set or in defining a Region). However, it is difficult to specify a conductor alone to be dummy. This is the case when two conductors share the same phase number and one of the conductors does not exist in a certain area (i.e., becomes a dummy conductor). For example, a shield wire includes two neutral conductors (sharing the same phase) from point A to point B, then it becomes only one neutral conductor from point B to point C. To model such a case (a dummy conductor, not a dummy phase), a new Attribute Set needs to be defined. In this new Attribute Set, define the dummy conductor to have very high resistance, i.e., the Real Part of the dummy conductor impedance (i.e., Relative Resistivity) is assigned a very high value (e.g., 999999). The accuracy of this approximation has been found to be very good compared with the results of modeling a true physical dummy conductor.

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