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Presidentís Column

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Usersí Group Meeting

For over 20 years, SES Software users have held an annual meeting to provide input for the enhancements of the software, review changes to the programs, and to provide a forum for users and SES researchers to make presentations on electrical safety, transmission line and substation grounding design, and improved methods for protecting equipment and pipelines against AC interference. Users had the opportunity to showcase their technical papers and company, attend workshops and acquire 25 Professional Development Hours. The conference is a unique opportunity for all CDEGS users to interact with others from many different backgrounds from all over the world, as well as the specialists from SES.

The 26th Annual CDEGS Usersí Group Conference was held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado on June 21 to 24, 2016. The conference was hosted by SR3 Engineering LLC. 34 CDEGS users, along with 10 SES researchers, got together. SES would like to thank the following persons for their time in making this event possible:

 Giancarlo Leone, SR3 Engineering LLC (Chairman)

 Doug Gilroy, Bechtel (Vice-Chairman)

 Nicole Gruber, Stanley Consultants (Secretary-Treasurer)

 Vinod Simha, American Electric Power (Assistant

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