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Bring yourself to the forefront of power system grounding and electromagnetic interference technology with a 4.5 day course presenting not only basic theory and practical considerations associated with power system grounding, AC interference mitigation and EMI/EMF analysis, but also giving you ample opportunity to work with state of the art software tools as part of hands-on sessions. These sessions are designed to familiarize you with modern computer modeling techniques and give you an intuitive feel for how grounding systems behave, based on the vivid graphics that these modeling techniques can provide. SES now offers Level 1 Certification at the seminar.† All participants earn 35 PDH (Professional Development Hours).

At the same time, you will meet leading researchers in the field, who can help you distinguish between age-old myths and reality and give you new perspective on your present work. Furthermore, the courses provided by SES give you an opportunity to network with other attendees doing similar work.

To register, click here.

2017 Usersí Group Meeting

The 27th Annual CDEGS Usersí Group Meeting is scheduled for June 13-16, 2017 and will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA, hosted by Black and Veatch.

The 2017 Usersí Group Meeting conference officers are:

 Chairman: Doug Gilroy, Bechtel

 Vice-Chairman: Francisco Munoz, SR3

 Secretary-Treasurer:† Giancarlo Leone, SR3

 Vice- Secretary-Treasurer: Eric Diamond, EIU

More information is available on this web page.† Registration will open later this year.

SES will issue a certificate for the equivalent of 2.5 continuing education credits (CEU) or 25 PDH for your participation.






Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom

December 12- 16, 2016

Power System Grounding & Electromagnetic Interference Analysis

Delhi, India

February 13-17, 2017

Le Centre Sheraton Montrťal ,

Quťbec, Canada

May 15-19, 2017