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User's Group Conference Registration

Contact Details

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Conference Fees

  1. Registration Fees (All fees listed in U.S.Funds)(Please check appropriate box.) Includes lunches and Scientific Sessions (guests not included).

    Payment received BEFORE April 21, 2017

    Payment received ON or BEFORE May 20, 2017

    Payment received after May 20,2017 


    $ USD

    I intend to send my fees via electronic transfer. An additional $15 per transaction is required. Please check:

    $ USD

    If your guests would like to join the users for lunch from June 20 to 23, 2017   # Attending    X $100.00  

    $ USD

    Total Registration Fees: 

    $ USD
  2. Send Payment to:Check or Money Order, please addressed to CDEGS USERS GROUP:

    Attn: Giancarlo Leone

    6261 S. Sicily Way

    Aurora, CO 80016

    United States

    For US participants, if your employer is paying for your conference registration fee, you can fill-in the EIN (Employer Identification Number) 264090862 in your W-9 form if need be.

  3. Payment Methods in order of Preferences:
    • USD Check from US Banking Institution.
    • USD Foreign Exchange Money Order from outside USA.
    • USD Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

          *** Credit Cards Not Accepted ***

  4. Payment Terms:
    • Please note that you are not fully registered until the payment is received.
    • Electronic file transfers are acceptable, but participant is required to pay for any electronic fees at both ends for the transfer.
    • Any other forms of electronic payment are to be discussed with the CDEGS Users’ Group officers prior to registration.
  5. SES Welcome Dinner (Wednesday, June 21, 2017):
    • If you are coming with guests, please specify number of guests:
    • Food specifications (vegetarian, allergies, etc): 



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