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Fast Track course - Knowledge and experience prerequisites

If you did not attend SES Standard Technical Training Course in the past 10 years, but have significant experience in grounding and EMI studies because you are practically involved in such studies a significant portion of your working time, it is necessary for SES to assess your knowledge level before allowing you to pass the Level I certification exam.

Although SES recognizes that there is a significant number of qualified SES users who have not attended the Standard Technical Training Course, SES cannot make a subjective assumption concerning the qualifications of these practitioners. The user may be qualified in many technical areas involving EMI and grounding, but may lack the appropriate expertise in one or more key technical areas. Therefore, an appropriate course is still required to ensure that all Level I certified professionals have a satisfactory knowledge of the key topics taught by SES during its Standard Technical Training Course. However, the workshops that would otherwise take place during such courses are not necessary for users with adequate experience using SES’ software. Therefore, a compressed Standard Technical Training Course of 2 days can be considered for such users wishing to pass the Level I certification exam. In order to schedule such a course for you and ensure that you have the prerequisites to succeed, SES must first have enough evidence confirming that you are an experienced SES software user. This can be demonstrated by providing SES with evidence of your familiarity with the software, by one or more of the following means:

  • SES records showing continuous and active high-level interaction with SES’s technical support team.

  • Regular attendance at CDEGS Users’ Conference events.

  • Technical publications on EMI and grounding in peer-reviewed journals or in CDEGS Users’ Conference Proceedings.

  • A list of several engineering or research reports, of which you are the main author. SES must be authorized to review at least two of these reports and will agree to an appropriate confidentiality clause.

  • An official letter from your management confirming that you have been working on EMI and grounding studies for at least one year about 50% of your time or two years about 25 % of your time.

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