Customized Training Courses


SES Training Center

A visit to the SES training center provides you with not only a first-rate teaching facility in Laval, Quebec, Canada, with comfortable accommodations on the same campus, but also the opportunity to meet members of SES’s research team. Fixed dates for certification type training are reserved for individual registration and announced on SES’s website. A minimum number of attendees is required. This venue is also available for organizations wishing to visit for customized training of any type or level.

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Customer Sites

SES instructors will travel to your site to give any type or level of training, customized to your needs and preferred dates. The training cost is based on an agreed fixed amount per event, regardless of the number of attendees.

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Online Web Conferences

This option offers organizations complete personalization of the content and duration of training sessions via online web conferences. The dates are selected by your organization. The number of attendees and selection of the attendees are determined by you and can be changed any time before the web conference session starts. The training cost is based on an agreed fixed amount per event regardless of the number of attendees. Note that for participants who wish to be certified, an exam must be written in the presence of an SES instructor.

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