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Specialized Packages

The CDEGS software possesses a unique combination of input/output processors that will satisfy the most demanding users. With the smart and intuitive Windows interface, CDEGS unleashes all of its engineering power through an unprecedented level of data input simplicity, which dramatically increases productivity. Just describe your system, and let  CDEGS show you things you never knew existed.

Powerful Capabilities

  • Most screens provide illustrations clearly representing the data to be entered and extensive online context-sensitive help is one keystroke or mouse click away.
  • Databases containing common product specifications are readily available.  Add your own products to the databases at any time.
  • Object databases and smart buttons allow you to easily automate the creation of complicated structures, conductor networks or grounding electrodes using SESCAD or Windows-based input screens.
  • A preview screen displays all conductors and specified observation profiles, zooms in or out on them, and rotates them to ascertain their lengths and their positions relative to the axes. You can even automate the rotation using the Animation button.
  • Spreadsheet functions ease and speed up data entry.
  • Choose one of the many utilities available: Import / Export DXF files from most CAD software, edit the data you created as a text file or using SESCAD, a powerful integrated CAD system , etc.
  • All data generated by a session is easily saved and retrieved.
  • The SESbatch utility helps stack and submit a whole series of runs, unattended, thus  improving productivity dramatically.
  • Graph magnetic and electric fields, earth potentials, as well as touch and step voltages along linear profiles, surfaces or volumes you define.
  • Produce stunning graphics in 2D, 3D perspective, 3D solid rendering, hotspot or contour rendering. Zoom in or out, rotate, mirror, show or hide the axes. These are only a few of the options available to customize graphics in GRserver or GraRep.
  • Plot the leakage current, axial current, or GPR in every section of your conductor network directly on a schematic diagram of the network.
  • For fault current distribution analyses or right-of-way simulations, use GRSplits to plot multiphase networks, transmission line impedances, voltages, and currents as a function of distance or span number.
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