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TransposIT is a utility that automates the analysis of the optimum transposition scenario on a power system network. Currently, the automation is implemented on the data specification only. In near future, we will add automation to the algorithm used to determine the optimum transposition based on a set of criteria defined by the user.

This utility, works on circuit data defined by the SPLITS module. Therefore, it is useful to the MultiLines and Right-of-Way software packages.

Overview of TransposIT

It is well known that substantial current unbalance can develop within and between the circuits of a transmission line when the phases are not regularly transposed, even when the loads are balanced. Studying the effects of the characteristics of such transpositions (their location, direction of rotation, etc…) in order to arrive at an optimal configuration is a tedious task, requiring manual modification of the network model at every transposition location. Moreover, a huge number of different transposition scenarios may have to be examined. The TransposIT utility was created to simplify this task. This utility takes a reference SPLITS file as input and produces on output a different SPLITS file, with transpositions applied at user-defined locations, on user-specified circuits. The program’s interface allows you to specify the transpositions either visually through a graphical interface, using windows screens through a tabular approach, or using a command input file. Either way, the transpositions are immediately displayed visually: this makes it easier to confirm that the transpositions really have the desired characteristics. All three modes of input are fully synchronized.


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