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SESImpedance is a graphical tool for computing the Internal Impedance of arbitrarily shaped conductors.

This straightforward application combines an intuitive and easy to use drawing interface with a powerful computation engine (based on the Finite Element Method). The program fully accounts for skin effect to calculate the internal impedance per unit length of long conductors of constant cross-section, with arbitrary geometry and composition.

SESImpedance is an object-oriented application that makes the modeling of complex conductors very simple for beginners and advanced users:

  • Import drawings from SESCAD or create them directly in SESImpedance.
  • Use the built-in Material Database to specify the material type of the various parts of the conductor.
  • Control the Computation Parameters such as frequency or meshing density.
  • Specify data in various systems of units.

With SESImpedance you can very quickly build your model and obtain the value of the internal resistance and reactance for conductors such as:

  • OPGW: with different material types.
  • Stranded cables: comprising many sub-conductors.
  • Rail tracks or elliptical cables: non-circular conductors.

SESImpedance also computes the characteristics of an equivalent conductor of circular cross-section, making it possible to use SESImpedance results in applications that are restricted to circular conductors.


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