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SESConverter can be used to import and convert CAD files compatible with the DXF or DWG formats to various SES software package compatible input files (*.f05) that use the SES Input Command Language (SICL). SESConverter can also convert SICL input files (*.f05) to the DXF and DWG formats.

Import DXF/DWG to SES F05 Format

In SESConverter, import implies that objects are converted from the DXF or DWG format to the internal SICL format which can be read by all SES software packages. When a DXF file or a DWG file is loaded in SESConverter, the data is displayed in three grids: Layers, Entities and Blocks. By selecting items within the three grids, you can determine if (and which) data is converted to SICL commands. Moreover, the model contained within the DXF or DWG files is displayed graphically based on the items selected within the three grids. Using the Show column, you can view or hide the various items in the input file.

Convert DXF/DWG Entities to SES Objects:

  • Convert most DXF/DWG entities to SES conductors.
  • Convert DXF/DWG Polyfacemesh and 3Dface entities to SES plates.
  • Convert DXF/DWG DXFCircle, DXFLwpolyline and DXFInsert entities to SES rods.

Convert DXFInsert in Different Ways:

  • Convert the contents of DXFInsert entities independently from the contents of DXFLayers.
  • Convert the contents of DXFInsert entities even when their DXFLayer is hidden or frozen.

Save Selected DXFLayers:

  • Extract and save selected layers to a DXF/DWG file, or save all layers to different files.

Export from SES F05 Format to DXF/DWG

In SESConverter, export implies that objects are converted from the SICL format to the DXF or DWG format: SES conductors, rods and plates are all converted to DXF lines.

Radius Mapping

The radius of conductors in SICL input files can be associated to various properties of the corresponding DXF entities.

  • Color Radius Mapping: The value of the color of DXF entities can be mapped with the SES conductor radius.
  • Layer Radius Mapping: The SES conductor radius to be assigned to all entities in the same DXF layer can be explicitly defined.


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