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ROWCAD is the new computer assisted design application for modeling Right-of-Way systems. It provides a suite of tools for graphically building complex systems.

This new product has become an essential companion to Right-of-Way as it improves the simplicity for entering and visualizing the system that is designed.

More than just a viewer, ROWCAD allows the user to build Right-of-Way systems by specifying key elements like soil, attribute set, terminal and central site locations.

ROWCAD not only helps with the design of systems, it also has a powerful integrated segmentation algorithm that now automatically generates its regions without any manual intervention.

Main Interface– A Simple Study With Regions Generated

Intuitive and Visual Data Specification

ROWCAD’s interface provides guidance to the user without overcrowding the view by presenting a layout that suggests a logical order for data specification.

Graphical Data Specification

ROWCAD’s powerful viewer shows the system configuration in a very intuitive fashion. Interacting with the system is easy:

  • Geometry of electrical lines and pipes

  • Imports/Exports of SESCAD files

  • Central Site and Terminals Positioning

  • Soils and Attribute Sets Assignments

  • Mapping of lines to ROW’s paths

… all with just a few mouse clicks!

Designer Helper Tools

Another great ROWCAD feature is the Proximity Locking mechanism which greatly simplifies the interaction between the user and the systems (even the biggest ones!):

  • During data specification, it helps the user with the current task by locking itself on the nearest point of interest. The useful tooltip provides the user with all the important information required to validate his decisions.

  • During Navigation and System interaction, it guides the user with information about the current location in the system.

Data Specification Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the key features of ROWCAD. Many input methods are implemented in order to accommodate every user’s preference. This goes from the intuitive 3D designer to the multiple practical tabular views, which are compatible with spreadsheet applications.

Descriptive Visual Model

Visualizing your Right-of-Way data has never been so easy! All specified data can be viewed within the 3D viewer making validation another easy task. The various viewing options let you control what information you want to see, whether it is viewing Central Site and Terminal locations, Soil and Attribute Set assignments, main path, regions, … or all of them at once!

Automated Regions Generation

Right-of-Way’s engineering module requires dividing the system into multiple regions and sections. The segmentation task was, previously, a cumbersome one that had to be entered manually by the user… until today! ROWCAD integrates a powerful algorithm that takes care of this automatically, allowing users to tackle more complex cases with ease.

Synchronized Data Validation

During the design process, many errors might occur and some steps could be mistakenly skipped. To help with this problem, ROWCAD integrates an Issues List that guides the user by reminding them what is missing to reach full system specification.

Right-of-Way Integration

ROWCAD has now become an important step in designing an interference study. Right-of-Way now offers an import mechanisms to efficiently start a study using an existing ROWCAD project.

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