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MultiFields is a unique engineering tool that can solve any electromagnetic problem involving a network of arbitrarily oriented above ground and buried conductors energized by any number of current and voltage sources. MultiFields is a dream come true for those who have to tackle complex electromagnetic problems involving conductor networks. MultiFields is probably the only EMF software that can provide accurate solutions to transient and steady-state problems in the frequency range of 0 to thousands of megahertz. The central components of MultiFields are RESAP, HIFREQ, MALZ, FCDIST and FFTSES engineering modules.

MultiFields tackles the Most Challenging Electromagnetic Problems Head-On...

MultiFields calculates the scalar potential, and the electric and magnetic fields due to an energized conductor network, as well as the current distribution in the conductors. MultiFields was designed to solve problems accurately, without ignoring soil characteristics, conductors in the soil, or nonenergized metallic structures in air or soil. With MultiFields you can:

  • Study transients (such as lightning, switching surges and any conceivable surge problem) and high frequency disturbances on power system networks, structures and grounding systems at frequencies ranging from a few hertz to hundreds of megahertz...

  • Calculate current and potential distributions in all conductors, EMF values in air and soil and voltages along well defined paths due to buried or in-air power system conductors and structures.

  • Calculate electromagnetic interference to pipelines, communication lines, etc.,in one single step. Inductive, capacitive and conductive effects are accounted for simultaneously!

  • Analyze cathodic protection problems and optimize rectifier capacities and locations on protected structures extending up to hundreds of km.

  • Use FFTSES, a fully integrated and automated Fourier Transform tool, to visualize electromagnetic fields in the time domain.

  • Study re-radiation interference or calculate current distributions in monopole, quarter-wave, and other antenna structures excited at frequencies reaching hundreds of megahertz.

  • Calculate induction between arbitrary circuits at low and high frequencies and during surge conditions. Determine self and mutual impedances as well as capacitances of these circuits regardless of whether they are located above or below ground!

Using integrated and automated Fast Fourier Transform techniques, you can analyze high frequency phenomena, such as lightning, switching surges and any conceivable transient problem in both the frequency and time domains. Explore DC or power frequency problems as well as antenna-related studies!


MultiFields+ adds the capability to analyze complex right-of-way electromagnetic interference problems. MultiFields+ calculates line constants as well as load and short-circuit current distributions in every span of a multi-conductor, multi-phase power network and induced voltages and currents throughout neighboring circuits sharing the same corridor. The power network may be balanced or not.



MultiFieldsPro not only offers a complete grounding and EMI package but a high-speed 3-D lightning shielding design program, SESShield-3D, is included as well. This package includes our classical and extended grounding/earthing software packages, MultiGround and MultiGroundZ. The user has the ability to study electrostatic problems involving overhead cylindrical and plate-type conductors, energized to voltages of his choice, along with an impressed external field. This feature has been designed to function in conjunction with SESShield-3D, the lightning shielding package, to provide the electric field distribution occurring throughout a lightning shielding system.

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