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Fault Current Distribution and EMI Analysis

SPLITS calculates load and short-circuit current distributions in every section or span of a multi-conductor, multi-phase multi-terminal electric power network, whether balanced or not. It also calculates induced voltages and currents between conductors due to both inductive and electrostatic coupling. SPLITS is one of the main engineering modules that drive the MultiLines and  Right-Of-Way software packages.

SPLITS creates a detailed circuit model of every conductor in the right-of-way, including nonenergized conductors, to calculate fault current distribution and induction effects.


SPLITS creates a detailed circuit model of multiphase transformers.

Technical Highlights

  • SPLITS can report current and potential rise in every span or section of every static wire, neutral conductor, counterpoise, or pipeline associated with multicircuit overhead lines and buried power cables.
  • SPLITS can take into consideration every connection made from a neutral conductor (such as tower grounds and substation grounds) and every shunt connection existing between a phase conductor and the ground (such as distributed capacitances, shunt capacitors or reactors, and tapped loads.)
  • Every conductor (or group of conductors) can be energized arbitrarily at each terminal station. This allows the simulation of DC, three-phase and multi-phase balanced or unbalanced networks without practical restrictions.
  • Normal conditions or single-phase, double-phase and multi-phase faults (to the ground or elsewhere) can be specified.
  • User can specify arbitrary span and shunt impedances: impedances do not need to be equal, symmetrical or balanced.


Technical Features

  • An arbitrary number of terminal stations can be connected radially to a central station, which consists of an arbitrary number of buses and a grounding system with a user-specified impedance.
  • Central station buses can be interconnected or connected to the grounding system via arbitrary connection impedances.
  • Any number of spans can be defined between the central station and each terminal.
  • Monophase, three-phase, and even multiphase balanced or unbalanced systems can be specified.
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