SES Software packages are protected by hardware security keys. When the hardware key is installed on a network server, some issues arise that are not apparent when the hardware key is connected directly to a workstation. In particular, in an environment where several such hardware security keys are installed over a network, only one of the keys can be used at a given time. Also, in the event of a program crash, a license may continue to be granted to the workstation where the crash occurred, even when no programs are currently running on that workstation.

The SESNetKey software utility helps you deal with those problems. When several network keys are installed, it allows you to select which hardware key should be used by the SES software packages. It also defines the address of the network servers where the hardware keys are connected. It does so by modifying the SESNetKey.ini and the NetHasp.ini configuration files, both located in your SES Documents Folder. Its “ Release Net Hasp License” feature can be used to release a license after a crash, and make it available to other users.