SES ships its software packages with a hardware protection key. Most software packages, tools and utilities will not function without it. SESLicenseManager is a software utility that manages the license of the hardware key.

Contrary to other standalone software licenses that are locked to a specific computer, SES authorizes its users to share the key by moving it from one computer to another (within the licensed organization) without restrictions. However, activation of the protection key is required whenever a user moves the standalone key from one computer to another. Of course, using a network license provides more flexibility and offers the capability to access the license via VPN wherever users are. The following functionalities are available via the interface.

Key Activation Wizard - Use a license file to activate, renew, or upgrade the license of the key.

Key Diagnostics Wizard - Check and setup the key.

Key Upgrade Wizard - Check whether the key is entitled to a free upgrade for these new introduced SES applications.

Configure Concurrent Runs - If you have a network license for N users (with N > 1), you may use SESLicenseManager to enable one user to run up to N cases concurrently on a single machine.

Configure License Usage Logging - You can monitor usage of a network license by activating the license usage logging feature.