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A Simple AC Total Interference Mitigation Study Using SES Software
A Simple Substation Grounding Analysis Using AutoGrid Pro
Automated Grounding System Design Using AutoGroundDesign
Computation of Capacitance and Inductance of Conductor Networks
Electromagnetic Fields Under a Transmission Line and Induced Currents in a Fence
NCC-SES Gas Insulated Substation Grounding Analysis
A Simple Grounding Analysis
Analysis of AC Interference Between Transmission Lines and Pipelines
Lightning Transient Study of a Communication Tower
A typical lightning protection analysis for a simple substation using SESShield-3D
Computation of Transient Currents in RLC Circuits
AC Mitigation on a gas pipeline near an electric network
Electromagnetic environment study
EM field and AC interference study
Large Suburban Substation Grounding System Analysis: Measurements & Computer Modeling
Electromagnetic Fields Near a Transmission Line Tower Subjected to Unbalanced Currents and a Phase-to-Ground Fault
Urban Area Substation Analysis


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